Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmat Allahi wa barakatuhu,

Dear Parent/Carer,

We pray that you and your family are well during these difficult times.

At Abu Bakr Islamic School we have spent a considerable amount of time setting up our online networks so that we are still able to deliver Arabic and Islamic Studies to children. Therefore we apologise it has taken so long to communicate with you all.

Alhamdulilah we have now set up a Home Learning folder, which you can access according to your child’s class here:

Access online Home Learning folder

It is our intention to continue updating this Home Learning folder with relevant work for your child/ren until we return to school as usual.

Within the appropriate class folder, you will find the work your child/ren’s Arabic and Islamic Studies teachers have set for this month up until the end of Ramadan. There is also additional work available in some class folders, such as memorisation of Qur’an, dua and Allah’s Names.