Abu Bakr Islamic School use the Direct Debit provider GoCardless for managing school fee payments.


School fees are based on a yearly fee divided by 12 so are charged on a monthly basis throughout the year. The fee is paid a month in advance.

Fee:  £20 per month for first child. £10 per month for each additional child.
1 Child – £20 total per month
2 Children – £30 total per month
3 Children – £40 total per month

GoCardless Process

GoCardless is an online Direct Debit provider with a secure set-up process that allows the parent/carer to pay both easily and safely. We ask all parents/carers to sign up to achieve a streamlined payment process whereby the amount is automatically debited from the account provided every month.


To set up a GoCardless account, Abu Bakr Islamic School will provide the parent/carer with a secure link via email or text.
Or you can set it up yourself immediately using this link:
Set Up GoCardless Direct Debit Payment
(Please only do this if a place for your child has been confirmed or if you have been asked to do so by the school admin team)

Once clicked, it will bring you to an online webpage where the following details are required:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your email address
  • Your billing address and bank account details

This process should take no longer than 5 minutes. Upon completion, you should receive an email from GoCardless confirming your successful signup. If anything were to go wrong, you will also be notified.

Please be advised that Abu Bakr Islamic School DO NOT see any of the payment details you provide.